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James Krieger

James Krieger

I did a BSc in Biochemistry and an MRes in Structural Molecular Biology at Imperial College London then came to Cambridge for my PhD. I recently completed my PhD in Ingo Greger's group at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology and am continuing to work there as a postdoc. I have been volunteering with the Cambridgeshire branch of the British Science Association for the last few years and currently have the role of publicity secretary.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Current position: Investigator Scientist (first postdoc)

Since my undergraduate I have been doing simulations of protein dynamics and these form a major portion of my PhD where I have used both all-atom molecular dynamics simulations and coarse-grained elastic network model normal mode analysis. I also have experience of bioinformatics and can code in Python. Besides BSA, I have organising experience from being secretary of the Social Clubs Committee at Imperial and also volunteer with the Separated Child Foundation where I have been a shift leader

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