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Eva Amsen

Eva Amsen

Eva Amsen is a science communicator with over a decade of experience in working with scientists or on independent and freelance projects. In her full-time role at the Institute of Cancer Research Eva oversees communication for projects about genetic risk and disease. As a freelance science communicator, she mainly writes about science as part of culture, scientists and musicians, and science careers.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Institute of Cancer Research
  • Current position: Scientific Engagement Manager

Eva has spoken about the overlap between scientists and musicians at IgNite London, Sci Foo, Science Showoff and other places. Her writing focuses on the lives of scientists, the overlap between science and the arts, and the identity of science as a culture of its own. Eva's work has been published in The Scientist, Popular Science, Spacing Magazine, Hakai Magazine, The Biologist, Chemistry World, and other places both online and in print.

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