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Justin Quinnell

Justin Quinnell

Justin is a pinhole photographer and camera obscura creator from Bristol. He has been teaching this subject from primary to university level for over 25 years. His book to assist teachers with teaching light in the classroom 'Discovering Light' was published last year. He has been a part time lecturer at Falmouth University for ten years. He recently started the Real Photgraphy Company CIC in Bristol where an old community darkroom will be used to teach aspects of optics, light and chemistry.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: Freelance and Real Photography CIC
  • Current position: Director

Currently a part time lecturer in photography at Falmouth University. He was artist in residence at Knowle West Media Centre where he completed the Sunrise Project, Currently he is commissioned to take a series of 5-year duration images. The ‘Light Years’ exhibition will be exhibited this May. He was Keynote speaker at the recent Altphoto symposium at the Edinburgh College of Art and invited to discuss the inclusion of art and creativity into the UK science curriculum at the Science Museum

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