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Photon Fun! Experimenting with the fastest thing in the universe - light.

British Science Week (Sponsored by the British Science Association) - Saturday March 10th 4 free sessions throughout the day 10-30, 11-30, 2-00 and 3-00 at the community darkroom where you will spend a light filled hour: using a pinhole camera, exploring camera obscuras and making a 3-month exposure pinhole camera to take home. At 1-00 there will also be a lecture on the history of light experimentation and pinhole photography.

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Justin Quinnell
‘New Light through an old Hole - From Mo-tzu to the Selfie Stick

Over 2500 years ago the Philosopher Mo-tzu observed sunlight travelling through a small hole and deduced that light travelled in the same way as an arrow being fired, in a straight line.
In just over an hour, ‘Aristotle’s Hole’ covers: the Science, 500 million year history and the immense variety of contemporary approaches to pinhole photography.


St Pauls Learning Centre, 94 Grosvenor Rd, Bristol BS2