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Claire Sycamore

Claire Sycamore

I am a PhD Chemistry student focusing on biological and organic chemistry research. I am currently working at the University of Nottingham investigating into delivery systems for antibiotics using polymers and the potential uses of apoferritin as a vaccine scaffold or drug delivery system. I am extremely interested in educational outreach and this is one of my passions, enjoying the engagement with the public and explaining my research.

Skills and experience

  • Institution: University of Notitngham
  • Current position: PhD Student

As a PhD student I have excellent practical and laboratory skills having also used a variety of analytic techniques. As part of my studies I have also focused on demonstrating to undergraduate students focusing more on teaching and learning. I have undertaken various volunteering opportunities with the Royal Society of Chemistry and IgniteFutures, interacting with both young and old on many different science projects, trying to enthuse the general public and make the experience interesting.

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