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Volunteering is both worthwhile and great fun, and we want to support people to find new opportunities. Without volunteers many local events would not be able to take place so here at Science Live you can search for micro-volunteering opportunities that match your interests and fit into a busy schedule.

Simply create a profile and we will notify you when an event organiser near you is looking for help. There is no obligation to get involved, the choice is yours, but if you are interested you just need to contact the event organiser to take the opportunity forward.

Likewise, if you have searched for volunteering opportunities and expressed interest in an event, it does not automatically mean you will be required – please wait for confirmation from the event organiser.

Once you have participated as a volunteer it will appear on your profile and you can begin building a portfolio of Science Live events you have helped make happen.

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Volunteering opportunities

Basildon Street Science

  • Saturday 9th September – 10am
  • Towngate Theatre, Basildon
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Here are our top tips for volunteering…

1 Identify your main objectives

Identify your main objectives

These could be skills you’ve gained in the workplace, through other volunteer work or through your hobbies and interests. Make sure you list all of these in your profile, so that event organisers know what you can bring to the event.

2 Think about your motivations

Think about your motivations

There may be skills you’d like to learn, experience working in a certain field, or perhaps you’d like to meet some new people? Think carefully about why you want to volunteer, and look for events and organisations which are likely to satisfy these needs.

3 Explore new possibilities

Explore new possibilities

Discover the range of events you might be able to help with. Be adventurous and think about volunteering for an organisation that you’ve never considered before, as new experiences can be some of the most rewarding!

4 Balance your time commitments

Balance your time commitments

Consider how much time you are able to give, and make sure you don’t over-commit. Cancelling at the last minute could potentially let down an event organiser, and have a negative impact on the event.

5 Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively

Make sure you maintain good communication with your event organiser. Once you get confirmation that you have been accepted as a volunteer, organise a meeting, either in person or on the phone. Make sure you ask questions so you’re clear on what the role entails.

6 Keep in touch

Keep in touch

If you enjoyed your volunteer experience, keep in touch with the event organiser and ask them to let you know about future events you can help out with. And don’t forget to search Science Live for more opportunities!